I decided to change my Content Strategy last month.  Since I started this blog, I used to write about random subjects related to the Christian Life or whatever was happening at the moment in the world and included as many elements and topics as possible.  At the beginning, that served us well, but we are no longer doing that.  Instead, we will focusing
more on a set of main categories regarding the foundations of the Christian Life and Church Leadership.  I also decided to transition from Spanish to English.

Why did we make the change?

After some research and interaction with our audience, we discovered that most of our readers speak English and would be more open to interact if our content were in English.  This has been very challenging for me, since Spanish is my native tongue, but have been enjoying the process.  I love to read your e-mails and comments.

Also, I will narrow down our Content to be more focused on Church Leadership and the Foundations of the Christian Life and not so much on Christian Living.  After all, you can never become an expert on everything.

I am paying close attention to my unsubscribe numbers and complaints. So far, I’ve only had a handful complaints. On the flip side, our numbers are growing little by little.  Thank You for Understanding.

Fundamentos Cristianos

Explore that Christianity is all about.  Learn what does the Christian Life mean and How to live by faith.  The Christian Life is more than just a very long list of things you can not do, but it is based on a constant (all times) and daily (everyday) relationship with God. Explora que es el … Continue reading Fundamentos Cristianos