4 Challenges Pastors and Church Leaders Face

If there is something I’ve learned through the years from meeting with pastors from different countries, denominations, and cultural backgrounds, is that all of them – actually, all of us- face challenges.

Now, that is not the problem. We all knew that problems, opposition, and challenges were part of the package. The problem I see most pastors face is that they don’t have anybody to talk to about their problems or whatever they are facing.

Today I will talk about 4 of the biggest challenges pastors face, and although there are many more, these 4 are very common:

1- Loneliness

People’s expectations of them are so high, that pastors can not be their true selves in front of them. Instead, the become isolated. How can they preach faith, courage and about the supernatural power of God, when they are struggling with some issues themselves? What would people think?

For that reason, many pastors feel alone and afraid to reveal their heart to others for fear of disappointment and rejection.

I found a great article about this problem here:


2- Criticism

You can not please everyone. I knew that from day one. However, it’s one thing to have people not approve of you or the things you do, and another to have them criticize every little thing you do.

Now, criticism is not all bad; you indeed learn and grow from it, but some people are out there to destroy you and that hurts; especially when it comes from people you love and care for.

Pastors tend to keep their hurt, anger, and resentment inside and that is not healthy.

3- Stress

Loneliness and criticism will create stress. It is not easy to deal with the constant attacks from the devil and, on top of that, from people who don’t care about you.  Add to that the many responsibilities pastors have.

Many pastors are suffering serious health problems due to stress.

Did you know that stress not only affects the pastor or leader, but also his family?

4- Burnout

Not having someone to talk to, I mean, really talk to, being constantly criticized and under a lot of stress can easily lead to burnout. That moment when you lose focus, lose passion for the work you’re doing; that moment when you just want to leave everything behind and forget about the world.

Many pastors are showing up for church every Sunday in autopilot mode. They are tired. They have tried so hard, but nothing seems to work anymore.

I found this great article about burnout here:


Did you know that pastors work an average of 60-75 hours a week?


If you are a pastor and are facing at least one of these challenges today, who do you talk to? Do you have a mentor? Is there another pastor you can talk to?

Pastor, you are not alone. Our ministry wants to pray for you. We understand the challenges of ministry. Drop us a note in the contact form if you would like us to pray for you.



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