Wishes vs. Actions

I want to share with you what my good friend and mentor Paul Nickerson about the difference between Wishes vs. Actions.


278775_100194946748735_770569_oI hear lots of people “wish” good things for their church.   “I wish we had more members”.  “I wish we saw more people growing in their faith”.  “I wish we had more impact in our neighborhood”.

Those are all wonderful “wishes” but the key for them to come true is what we do daily.   The road from a “wish” to a “reality” is based on what we concretely do everyday to make a difference.

So as you begin 2017, what are some daily practices that you could adopt to see your church flourish?  A few suggestions include:

  • Daily praying for your neighborhood and getting out and doing prayer walks.
  • Get groups meeting, not in the church parlor, but in local restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Write a note to a friend or neighbor, inviting them to your house for a dinner, or to a church mission opportunity.
  • Interview a community leader to see how your church might have a greater impact.
  • Lead a book study or Bible study out in the community and engage others.
The list of concrete things you can do is endless, but pick out one thing and go and do it on a regular basis.   Stop “wishing” your church was different and with God’s help go and make a difference.


Wishing you faith and impact in 2017

Paul Nickerson



Here is the full link:

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